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Posting info about characters here. YES


[15:59:12:11:07] <Euroboy> Think Mad Max. Eccentric, dirty bandit. Leather, strapped together clothes scavanged from the remains of whatever soldiers perished in the great catastrophe. Guns strapped to every limb, knives bigger than your arm. And he lives, breathes and dies for a jeep. He calls it a jeep, but it's more a part of every vehicle produced in the one hundred or so years passed. Cars, tanks, buses. All...

[15:59:12:11:07] <Euroboy> ...welded and juryrigged together to form some kind of turbo-charged speed machine. Machine gun turret on the back. HE drives hard, with a band of highway bandit. Roaring across the vast wastelands of America, pillaging from trade caravans and small rural settlements. One day he tries to raid the wrong camp. A high tech, highly trained squad or augmented soldiers, a field test for a squad...

...owned by one of the megacorps. His bandit squad all perish, but he manages to tear off in his jeep, badly wounded and the jeep smoking. He has to go it alone, head towards to nearest city to get patched up and fix his jeep. Who knows who he could meet along the way...

[16:03:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> That could work.
[16:03:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> Is there much to his history? Or is that going to be fairly ambiguous until later on?
[16:05:12:11:07] <Euroboy> I'm thinking ex soldier. Maybe an augmentation that failed, leaving him high and dry in the wasteland. Had to go back to basics and used the skills he'd used in service to cobble together his jeep, and later on, raid these small settlements to servive
[16:05:12:11:07] <Euroboy> survive*


16:44:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> Let me paste my syponsis of my sister's character that I said earlier
[16:45:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> [14:33:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> Okay, so her character doesn't actually have an occupation on the ship... since she was just tagging along with her father... kind of like a tiger cruise in the U.S Navy. And I guess the aliens accomodate people who need to leave their families for extended periods of time. Anyway, at some point her father developed a type of alien schizophrenia, and forgot to take his medication so he started randomly firing on people with his laser gun...
[16:45:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> [14:34:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> he managed to wound one person, but they all opened fire on him quickly.. so he died. Then they threw him out of the ship into space.
[16:45:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> 14:35:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> So she yelled in the alien language, "Faaaaather!!!" as he imploded in space.

[16:45:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> [14:37:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> And so for awhile, she keeps her true feelings to herself. But when the aliens finally land on Earth, she manages to sneak off the ship, and then land on Earth with... now trying to attempt to hide among the humans.
[16:45:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> [14:37:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> However, her main motive is to get revenge on the ones who killed her father... even though he pretty much had it coming to him.

[14:47:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> This character has a laser gun, a holographic camouflage unit, a tracking device which keeps track of the ship, a kind of alien backpack with some other not so important items in it

So basically Paros is an alien that is hiding among the humans with a powerful laser gun and the Holographic Camouflage Unit. And is out for revenge against the aliens who "wronged" his father.

SuperGimpoMan's gang member character
[00:26:12:12:07] <SuperGimpoMan> Grew up a fairly normal life, up until the age of 16. Around then he accidently drove a car for a hiest that his boss was running. During that hiest he was forced to run down 4 opposing gang members, one of which was a woman. From then on he was hooked. He couldn't quit working for the gang. He got a wicked rush from doing illegal acts. Over the course of his life he continued to be in the...
[00:26:12:12:07] <SuperGimpoMan> Gang Member:
[00:26:12:12:07] <SuperGimpoMan> ...gang slowly gaining rank.

SuperGimpoMan's corporate exec. character

[00:27:12:12:07] <SuperGimpoMan> Grew up in a privelaged lifestyle. If there was something he wanted, he got it. Plain and simple. He couldn't get rid of this frame of thought. As such, he was abusive to others and did what was needed to get what he craved. In school if there was a woman he wanted to be with, and she wouldn't have it she'd be eliminated. If he couldn't get what he wanted himself, he'd hire someone to get it...
[00:28:12:12:07] <SuperGimpoMan> Corporate Exec:
[00:28:12:12:07] <SuperGimpoMan> ...for him.


[16:10:12:11:07] <Ziggurat-Paranoia> I have a 30 something year old guy named Shannon who is kind of beefy, and runs a militia that protects a small town he helped found. He has a very high moral sense, and he's pretty tough.

Shannon was the only survivor of his immediate family like many people these days. He has seen many hardships, and has learned how to be strong in such harsh conditions. But still, he's managed to hang on to his remarkably high sense of morality which was conveyed from his mother before she died when Shannon was 8 years old. His main interest is to protect the people of his small town, and try to make people's lives easier in general. He hopes the world will continue to change for the better.

here's a quick concept sketch I made of Shannon.


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Dec. 14th, 2007 01:53 am (UTC)
3 years ago he ran away from "home"... he's the son of one of the largest corporation heads in the world. A child prodigy, but also a pyromaniac. He's a piano virtuoso and a near expert at making basic explosives. He spent a good deal of his life in prep schools, being a model student, and studying Muay Thai. He's quite well rounded, and is smarter than most people. These days he hides out in the streets, and affiliates himself with thugs ,drifters, and the like.
Dec. 14th, 2007 01:55 am (UTC)
Re: Johannes
he's also 16, with a very slim build. Yeah.
Dec. 14th, 2007 06:15 am (UTC)
Agent Black
An absolute enigma, working for NuTech, the largest corporation in the city. When a job gets messy, or negotiations go wrong, Mister black is always the man they call.

A highly trained martial arts master, versed in over 10 styles from Japan Korea and China. One of the few practicers of what many would call a dead art. The only ones who would disagree are the hundreds who've witness his so called "dead art" - and black makes sure they dont get the chance to.

Equipped with the finest in stealth equipment and minimal armor, he is hard to see, and harder to catch, after all, what good is it to have armor when they cant shoot you? Slows you down...

He is one of the few in his "Black Ops" group who is completely human, and intends to stay that way. It would be a horrid defacement of his body to do such a thing, it's what he believes.

A master of short range weapons, his gun skills are somewhat lacking, although he'd rather play sniper then run n gun anyway. Far more then a gun for hire, he fights to keep his company in control, simply to torment the ones who tormented him... It's hard to grow up in the streets...
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