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In the beginning...

here's some basic back-story before the present plot:

It was the height of human civilization, we'd done it all; explored the many reaches of our system, harvested resources from other planets, we'd even found a way to live forever... The ability to put a chip or implant in your own body was something most couldnt afford, but the rich?...

They had limitless power.

Money, fame, influence, even their own armies. The police could be bought, politicians blackmailed, and jurors intimidated.
These corporations grew and grew, until they WERE the governement.

Imagine, all this, and immortality... It would seem the human race had reached its peak, but theres still far more to this story... In fact, this is just the begining.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." ~ Lord Acton, Letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1887

Absolute power... Absolute corruption, and now, these horrid entities that had come to dominate the whole of our existence had  nothing left to strive for, nothing left to conquer... Except each other.

These corporations began researching weapons, stealing from each other, even other governments, allying themselves with militiamen and terrorists alike - anything to gain an edge, or god forbid, stay alive.

After years of conflict, eventually government collapsed, and earths resources were nearly completely tapped, the energy crisis had become a global epidemic, and one corporation rose to the occasion, to the opportunity, of providing the world with power.

A group of scientists were formed, the best and brightest, and commissioned with finding a limitless and clean energy source, anything that could be done. Bids were made, bribes were paid, and spies were killed, before this work could reach fruition, and when it did, the scientists were hunted, they could not be allowed to share these secrets.

The few who survived were shocked, and had no choice but to flee for safety - they spread out, to gangs, militia, and rival companies, and thus the fusion war began. The battle to control all the energy in the world, the struggle to wield ultimate power over civilization, government... finance. Everything.

It's funny, Einstein never wanted to build a bomb, he was trying to create clean power for the world... The government made it a weapon. These scientists managed to fulfill einsteins goal, they found a way... It's funny how history repeats itself.

That same powersource became the bomb that ended the war.

And thus the end began.....


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