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Present Day Story

What's going on now:

Thirty years have passed since the huge catastrophe of the last world war. The people of the world are trying to recover. The people of the world range to just a couple million. Things looks pretty bleak. Certain continents of the Earth didn't even survive the disaster.

    In the U.S... a country that isn't even an echo of its former self... many people decided to unite and rebuild a giant metropolis... and a few towns settled around it. Scattered around the wasteland of the U.S there are ghost cities, which are for the most part uninhabited. Things seem to get increasingly chaotic, and the metropolis struggles to gain control. Crime is out of hand all over the continent, and it seems it has extra concentration in the inner city of the metropolis.

    There is a large lack of resources which are needed to survive. And different groups are fighting over those resources, and trying to establish power in general. Different settlements and towns exist within the continent... all struggling to survive. So a lot of the landscape has become somewhat of a free-for-all... with not so much order i between.

    Within the metropolis there is much corruption. The government is really just a puppet of the large corporations within the city. Certain major corporations are the ones who actually control everything... the police, military, and laws are just pawns in the game. And they are still in a struggle for power, not having learned their lesson in the past. The world is locked in struggle, the masses crying out as they watch their families murdered by bandits and gangs, as the police turn a blind eye. And why should they care? We are nothing more then cattle to the mighty, the last great resource to tap... Humanity. The corporations seem more concerned with keeping themselves in control. Rather than helping the ones who need it, they help themselves and their interests grow. And the crime rate isn't helping the quality of life. With laws unenforceable, a mere pretense for corporations to eliminate threats, and martial law being the only thing a thug respects. It's a dark world we live in. Many have died trying to change it, and many more will in times to come.

The towns and settlements around the metropolis  have to put up with bandits and a constant need for resources and supplies that they desperately need. It's a little easier that they are near the city.. but the city is not always sympathetic to their needs. And it is extra hard for those that aren't near the metropolis, or anywhere near a water source.

Technology has advanced greatly in 70 years. Cybernetic augmentation and flying cars are just a small sample of what is possible these days. But a lot of these awesome technologies can only be bought or maintained by those who can afford them. So there is somewhat of a black market for some of these things. And it has led to certain botched cybernetic augmentations and hyper plasma rifles that lock up and explode, and other similar scenarios.

    Then there are The Greys, a space alien race with a currently unknown home world. They are interested in Earth's resources, and calculated that humanity probably doesn't have very much time left. So they felt as if they could identify themselves more publicly, unlike the past when their existence was a government secret. They want to harvest Earth's resources for profit and their own prosperity in general.

    In short, there are many factions and groups struggling for power, or even just struggling to survive. And then there are people caught up in between.  Perhaps, slowly but surely humanity will regain its once glorious place on the planet Earth. Then again, it could just as well fail. Going in the history books as a once great civilization, much like Pompei. The hope of humanity is relying on reassessment of greed, and more consideration of the masses. Humanity must hope that this is a rebirth after the apocalypse. Hopefully not its demise.


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